A Human Journey

At the heart of our mission is our commitment to cultivate reciprocal relationships: with patients and their families, health professionals, institutions, colleagues and other important stakeholders.

We are fully aware of having the precious responsibility of taking care of people’s health. Our goal is to support them in building a full and meaningful life.

Human Value

We have chosen to support the Human Value Based Healthcare model, which involves the construction of healthcare paths defined by the clinical characteristics, desires and needs of the patient, with the involvement of all health and social actors in an interconnected network of help and support for the person

  1. We support the person in a full and meaningful life
  2. We always start from the personal to reach the universal
  3. We care for patients, their families, doctors, institutions, communities and ourselves as a company
  1. We are unique because we support circularity: from nature to person and from person to nature
  2. We are brave because we are free from the status quo and fears
  3. Our energy arises from the actions we perform
  1. We live in a direct and transparent partnership relationship
  2. We carry out actions that describe care as a relationship
  3. The combination of our actions gives shape to virtuous models

Human Value Based Healthcare


We start from the analysis of individual problems. It all starts by listening to patients and their stories, to understand their unmet needs.

Connection Map

By means of conversations with patients we create personas: aggregate and anonymous descriptions of real patients. We use all this information to create a map: the Connection Map, which represents the real social and clinical interaction in patient’s life.

Patient Pathway Algorithm

With a multidisciplinary team of doctors, we design the Patient Pathway Algorithm, a detailed representation of the patient’s optimal path adapted to his or her specific needs.


A company is strong when its people are.

For Napo Therapeutics this is a precise identity choice converted into a sustainable business strategy: the well-being and growth of people represent goals and results.

We are building Napo Therapeutics on these principles, together, day by day. A rare company for rare diseases.



We adhere to a high purpose guiding and motivating us and to which we anchor our choices and decisions. Our values are our compass, helping us navigate daily work in alignment with our goals and in addressing problems and difficulties by translating them into development goals.

At the center we put relationships of reciprocity and alliance. Important decisions are thought through together: no ambitious and innovative plan can be achieved without others. This is the way of being and working in Napo Therapeutics, our Napo way.


Our story is tied to a territory, to ancient knowledge handed down for generations by traditional healers. Our story is tied to the story of people. Because people matter and when they matter, they make the difference.